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Perhaps your digital marketing is not optimal.

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The hairdressing industry helps Danes with the latest hair fashion and is often also a meeting point for people, where you meet, enjoy the atmosphere and the conversations. A hairdressing salon is a place you want to be and can be a free space in a busy everyday life. This must be reflected in their digital communication.

digital markedsføring frisør

What should hairdressers do with digital marketing?

When you provide hairdressing services that involve people's hair, it is not so often that customers shop with you, even if they are loyal and regular customers of your hairdressing salon.


It is therefore super important to always have a presence on the market, so that new customers can find you when they need to have their hair cut or treated in a new place.


When Danes need to find a hairdresser, between 75% and 90% of all new collaborations are started online.


What are you doing today so that they find you before and hairdressing salons?

There is competition in the market for hairdressers!

Many underestimate how short it is from thought to action for customers when they search online for, for example, hair salons.


Most Danes do not look very much at what is written when searching, but instead often take the first and best or what catches their eye the most.

This is where a professional company with lots of experience in digital marketing comes into the picture.

As an example, 55.2% of all clicks, on google, land on the top 3 results. Can you be found there on all the important searches, or is it only on your company name?

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online markedsføring firsør og frisør salon

How can Rebly Marketing help hairdressing salons?

At Rebly, we ensure that your hairdresser is seen and recognized by the market:

We find out where the customers in your segment go online and how they look for companies like yours.

We analyze where and when searches are made and on what, so you don't waste money on irrelevant traffic.

Finally, we make sure that customers get a fantastic impression when they enter your virtual world.


A necessity to get them in as customers.

Digital marketing frisørsalon og frisør

But let's start with an overview...

Order one free of charge report and see how you fare compared to the competition, as well as your potential for improvement.


Then you decide for yourself whether you want to act on it afterwards, whether we should help with it, or whether you want to handle it yourself.

digital markedsføring frisør


Overview of how you are doing in relation to

your nearest hairdressers.


What does it take to beat the competition?

marketing sociale medier frisørsalon


Overview of which search terms you are found for

(and which ones you don't).

How many, searching for your service, in your area?

online marketing frisør


Insight into what you could earn,

if your digital marketing profile was fully optimized.


What will it take to achieve these goals?

online markedsføring frisør

Action plan

Ideas for what you can do yourself

to improve your exposure.


How much does it cost to get help from Rebly Marketing?

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