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The customer must accept the trading conditions as part of entering into a cooperation agreement. The customer will always receive a link or a .pdf file with these trading conditions together with a new offer or cooperation agreement.



In general

As of 9 November 2018 and going forward, terms and conditions applicable to Rebly Business Labs and the subdivision Rebly Marketing, which offers digital marketing services. These should be read through in their entirety before approving any offer.

The brand name of the subdivision; "Rebly Marketing" replaces and is interchangeable in these trading conditions with the main organization "Rebly Business Labs".


These standard trading conditions contain the applicable provisions for all agreements entered into between Rebly Business Labs and the customer. If conditions deviate from the trading conditions, this must be done in writing prior to the approval of the agreement.


The customer must accept the trading conditions as part of entering into a cooperation agreement. The customer will always receive a link or a .pdf file with these trading conditions together with a new offer or cooperation agreement.


If there is a conflict between the present conditions and the agreement, the terms of the agreement take precedence.


The conditions can be changed unilaterally by Rebly Business Labs with 30 days notice. The conditions applicable at all times can be found in the footer of Rebly Business Labs website "".


Offers are sent to the customer with a link to Rebly Business Labs' terms and conditions (this page).


The offer contains a specification of the order and what it includes. When the offer is approved, paid, or signed digitally, the agreement is considered to have been entered into with start-up on the specified effective date.


The offer is valid, unless otherwise stated in writing, 1 week from the date of issue.


Delivery of services

Online marketing

Delivery of online marketing (Search Engine Optimization/SEO, Google Ads, Social Marketing and E-mail marketing) is, unless otherwise agreed, carried out by's employees or through one of's partners. Consultant assistance with the customer himself is agreed separately and is in addition to the standard delivery. Time with transport is invoiced per commenced quarter at the agreed rates.


Rebly Business Labs must have full access to the platforms and services on which the marketing depends. Privileges can also be assigned to involved individuals, who are usually invited with their own users, which can later be closed. It is Rebly Business Labs standard procedure to create a dedicated Google Account to manage the customer's digital services.


Rebly Business Labs always delivers at the end of an agreed period a report on the work delivered and its results. This will form the basis for assessing the achievement of goals and setting new ones.


Rebly and the customer are always, in addition to the agreed terms of privacy or trading conditions, subject to all conditions for sub-suppliers or platforms where the marketing may appear, examples of which may be; Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc.


Below are links to the most common sub-suppliers and collaboration partners' conditions;




Google Ads



When developing websites, Rebly Business Labs strives to present them continuously and with the greatest possible speed and precision. The website is checked for errors and defects upon delivery to the customer.


The design of new websites is typically based on a template from one of Rebly's partners, either Squarespace Inc. or Ltd. to make the CMS and later administration easier for the customer to carry out afterwards. The basic design of the website cannot be changed continuously during the construction of the website. Rebly Business Labs arbitrarily decides when it is too late to change the basic design. Changes that are considered to be outside of what was agreed are clarified with the customer beforehand, so that any disputes are avoided.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, website production never includes the preparation of content, but rather only website layout, where the customer or Rebly Business Labs as an additional agreement can add content to.


If additional preparation of content is desired, this always takes place on an hourly basis per commenced quarter', unless otherwise agreed.


Technical development

Technical development means access to the customer's websites and/or systems, on which technical additions or corrections are made. This requires direct access to web hosting etc. other hosting of the technical area, which is accessed through directly provided login or FTP access, as well as login to any back-end platforms.


The customer undertakes to grant Rebly Business Labs full read and edit rights in order to complete the task.



If the delivered (Marketing, website or development) does not appear in accordance with the description that the customer has approved either by email or by telephone, this is a deficiency on the part of Rebly Business Labs.


In the event of such a defect, the customer can demand that the defect be rectified. If Rebly Business Labs is unable to remedy or deliver again, the customer may demand termination of the agreement. Upon termination of the agreement, Rebly Business Labs must repay the purchase price, and the customer loses the right to dispose of the delivered goods.


When the customer reports errors or deficiencies, Rebly Business Labs will seek to remedy these as soon as possible. Error correction is free of charge unless the error or deficiency is due to circumstances beyond Rebly Business Labs' control and / or responsibility, or is attributable to the actions of the customer. In that case, Rebly Business Labs and reserve the right to invoice their time consumption according to the rates applicable at any given time.


Price and payment terms

Amounts invoiced on a subscription basis or in connection with extensions of agreements are due for payment no later than the expiry date of the previous agreement.


Rebly Business Labs is entitled, without notice, to withhold its performance and/or cancel the agreement in the event of non-payment.


All prices appear from the price list valid at any time or from a specific offer drawn up individually between the customer and Rebly Business Labs. All prices are stated in Danish kroner and are exclusive of VAT, unless otherwise stated. Reservations are made for changes in VAT, taxes, duties, as well as printing errors or changes in brochures, written offers and other sales material.


Rebly Business Labs and reserve the right of ownership to delivered goods and services, unless otherwise stated in the agreement between the two parties.


Duration and Termination

The duration of the collaboration/task appears in the agreement/offer between Rebly Business Labs and the customer.


If the duration is not stipulated in the agreement, the parties can each terminate the cooperation with 30 days' notice until the end of a month. Termination must be in writing.

Responsibility and limitation of liability


In general

With the modifications that appear below, Rebly Business Labs is responsible for compensation towards the Customer according to the general rules of Danish law.


Rebly Business Labs is not responsible for any losses caused by mere negligence, just as Rebly Business Labs liability for damages can never exceed DKK 20,000.


Rebly Business Labs is not responsible to the customer for losses, deficiencies or delays caused by third party conditions. Be it for example, but not limited to, breakdowns or errors with subcontractors, search engines, media or digital infrastructure.


Rebly Business Labs is not liable to the customer for indirect losses, including loss of production, sales, profit, time or goodwill.


Rebly Business Labs strives to comply with all legal regulations and will never knowingly advise the customer of marketing initiatives that are in violation of any kind of laws, regulations or third party rights.


The customer is closest to knowing, e.g. the trademarks and the special rules that apply in the customer's industry in particular. The customer is therefore in every respect responsible for the legality of the marketing measures Rebly Business Labs carries out for the customer, and for the legality of the execution of the proposals and the guidance the customer receives from Rebly Business Labs.


If one of the parties materially breaches its obligations under this agreement or in the event of bankruptcy, liquidation or suspension of payments, Rebly Business Labs is entitled to terminate the agreement with immediate effect.


Among other things, the following circumstances are considered a material breach:

The customer's failure to pay overdue monetary services.

The customer's illegal actions or omissions when using the products and services contained in the agreement.

The customer's disregard of other obligations incumbent on the customer in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Force Majeure

Rebly Business Labs is not responsible to the customer for failure to fulfill obligations due to force majeure. The freedom from liability remains as long as force majeure persists.


Circumstances that are beyond Rebly Business Labs and's control and that Rebly Business Labs could not have foreseen when the agreement was concluded are considered force majeure. Force majeure can be, for example, but is not limited to; unusual natural conditions, war, terrorism, hacker or virus attack, breakdown of electricity or telecommunications networks, fire, flood, vandalism and industrial disputes.



When producing websites, Rebly Business Labs disclaims any responsibility for possible infringement of copyright for material received from the customer, including text, images, logo etc.


Text, graphics and images produced by Rebly Business Labs are subject to copyright law from either Rebly Business Labs or related partners and can generally only be used for purposes agreed between Rebly Business Labs and the customer. Any use of the material for other media must be agreed in writing with Rebly Business Labs and its partners in advance.


Rebly Business Labs and reserve the right to use marketing results, websites and other produced material as a reference in connection with marketing. On websites, this will also show who contributed to development and design in the form of a link to Rebly Business Labs website at the bottom, "By Rebly".


External assistance

Rebly Business Labs' provision of the services contained in the offer may include the use of subcontractors. Rebly Business Labs makes its own decision on this, including which subcontractors may be involved. Rebly Business Labs and themselves settle with any subcontractors.




The parties undertake to treat the non-publicly available information, such as personal offers, budgets and any business models confidentially and in accordance with the law, as well as to protect them against unauthorized access and not to pass them on to unauthorized parties.


Rebly Business Labs and's staff and subcontractors must observe unconditional silence with regard to information regarding the customer's circumstances, which they may become aware of in connection with the tasks mentioned in the offer.


For the customer's staff, consultants and others who assist the customer, a similar obligation is imposed with respect to matters concerning Rebly Business Labs and and its other customers.



Choice of law and venue

Any dispute between the parties arising from these conditions is in all respects subject to Danish law, and must be settled at the Court in Copenhagen as the court of first instance.


Terms updated November 9, 2018

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