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Many web developers today are willing to sell you a cheap website in Wordpress, Drupal or any other city in Russia.


This is because the system is so complex that you have to pay 500+ kroner an hour every time you have to make a change.


We do away with that at Rebly Marketing!

website og hjemmeside priser

What should I consider
a WYSIWYG site?

WYSIWYG stands for & "what you see is what you get", a model for web development that is based on efficient and very similar CMS systems that are easy to work with.


Rebly is a partner with, among others, WIX and Squarespace, because we want to deliver an honest, efficient and future-proof website to our customers.


When you receive a website from Rebly developed on one of our partner platforms, changes, corrections and extensions are almost always included in your fixed low price. And often so easy that you can make the changes yourself without the help of a developer.

Why are mobile websites overlooked?

Many web agencies spend most of their time developing a great website they can present on the computer, mostly because it';s easier, prettier and faster to develop something that looks good on your Mac or laptop.


However, the facts in 2022 are that between 70 and 90 percent of a Danish website's traffic comes from mobile devices. Ask yourself how many websites you have visited, respectively on mobile and PC, this week?


At Rebly, we therefore always think mobile first when we develop a website, just as we always keep an eye on the market so that our customers are always one step ahead when new trends and technologies within websites come.

billig website
Hjemmeside design

How can Rebly help with your website?

Let's have a meeting about your company's needs and find out what style and functionality exactly your target group needs.


At Rebly, we have designed websites for everything from martial arts clubs to large IT companies. You can see a small selection on this page, but we also have a wide portfolio that we can show you when we meet.


Because there is so much competition in most markets, we spend a lot of time on planning and analysis. In this way, you are sure that you will not only get a beautiful, but also an effective website that converts new customers.


Website og Hjemmeside Bureau

Let&'s start with an overview...

Let's have a meeting about your company's needs and find out what style and functionality exactly your target group needs.


Then you decide for yourself whether you want to act on it afterwards, whether we should help with it.

hjemmeside udvikling


Overview of which needs your website must cover among target groups.


Implementation of your visions and ideas.

hjemmeside design

Choice of design

We prepare an overview with several examples of how your page could look.

Here you have the opportunity to propose changes to the design.

hjemmeside bureau


We analyze what the page should contain and how it should look.


Presents an overview of time and price for development

website design


During development, we look for the site to index well, as well as to be both fast and secure


When the page is finished, we make sure it appears on Google.

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