Terms & Conditions

These general terms and conditions apply to the services provided by Rebly and which the customer has ordered from Rebly at any time, unless the parties have agreed otherwise in writing.
The customer is the person or company that has entered into an agreement with Rebly.
The agreement applies i.a. when ordering and using the Website, marketing, consulting and other provision of services or goods from Rebly.

The terms and conditions apply regardless of whether the customer orders products and / or services from Rebly in writing, per. telephone, fax, e-mail, via the Rebly website, or otherwise, regardless of the form of communication.

The parties mean the customer and Rebly, who are both responsible for compliance with the terms and conditions in accordance with these terms and conditions.
l The customer is liable for payment of the services provided in accordance with the agreement, also in the event that a payer who is different from the customer is registered.
In connection with the conclusion of the agreement, the customer must notify Rebly of his name, address, company form and registration number, just as the customer must also provide any separate addresses to which collection of payments and / or notices must be sent. The customer is obliged to document the accuracy of the information at Rebly's request.

l Information about address, contact person, etc. submitted by the customer and registered by Rebly, shall be the basis for the agreement until otherwise notified in writing.
In the event that the customer has not updated this information, Rebly is entitled to obtain this information, including through the use of public registers etc. which the customer undertakes to pay for. Rebly is entitled, until other information is provided by the customer, with liberating effect, to send material, invoices, etc. to the address (es) provided by the customer.

Rebly will begin delivery of the service as soon as possible after the conclusion of the contract, unless otherwise agreed between the parties.
When entering into an agreement, 30% of the solution's sum is invoiced. (For large projects)
When sending the possible graphic layout, 60% of the solution's sum is invoiced.
The last 10% will be invoiced by online posting or no later than 30 days after sending the graphic layout.
However, delays may occur for technical or other reasons, including the provision of services by other suppliers as deemed necessary.

Especially with regard to domain registration, this follows the registration procedure that can be viewed at the provider on the website.

With regard to the registration of international domains, the registration procedure is followed under the customary practice, practice and registration procedure for the domains in question at any given time.

Domains are registered in the customer's name, with Rebly as the proxy.

Rebly may use a subcontractor to provide the agreed services.

Please refer to the Rebly supplier's terms and conditions.

The customer is to be regarded as being data responsible in connection with the use of services, including web hotel, mail hotel, domain registration, etc.

The customer's use of services provided by Rebly is at the customer's own responsibility and risk, after which Rebly has no responsibility for content, accuracy, legality, obedience, etc. of the information the customer receives or sends via the Internet.

Rebly disclaims liability for any damages, including any loss, both directly and indirectly suffered by the customer in connection with the customer's subscription, including the use or inability to use the customer's web hotel, mail hotel or other services, regardless of the background, unless Rebly has acted intentionally to the detriment of the customer or grossly negligent.

Rebly is also not responsible for operating losses, consequential damages, loss of data and re-establishment of data, just as the customer must ensure that back-up is taken to the necessary extent. Back up can be taken by the customer via WordPress. Rebly can also back up and store on an external hard drive for a fee.

However, Rebly's liability is in any case maximized to the price in the written agreement between the customer and Rebly.
Likewise, Rebly has no obligation to upgrade any. software / CM system included in the price of the solution, this can be agreed between the parties if this is desired, however at an additional price for the customer.

Rebly is not liable for, or and is responsible for any additional costs that may come to an external supplier in connection with. with our deliveries. If integration has been purchased for a third-party program / system, this presupposes that it can be connected via an online approach, API or “stored procedures”. If this is not possible, Rebly reserves the right to cancel the specific part of the order that deals with "integration" and provide the remaining services in the contract unless otherwise agreed. Any costs / additional costs associated with ERP systems or other systems must be borne directly by the customer and external partner.

Rebly is not responsible for or supporting third party systems, including Mailchimp, Microsoft Office 365, NETS, Epay, Sleeknote, booking software m.fl. All support and correction / troubleshooting will be done on a consultant basis.

Rebly is responsible to the customer for ensuring that the services provided by Rebly do not infringe the rights of third parties.
However, the customer is responsible for ensuring that the customer's data, websites, registered domain names, content of the web hotel, material found on the web hotel at Rebly does not infringe the rights of third parties, including copyrights, trademarks, etc.

In the event that legal action is taken against the customer or Rebly, Rebly is entitled to either change its services so that there is no violation or to terminate this agreement in whole or in part without liability to Rebly. The customer can not claim compensation in these situations.

When using the system, the customer must not try to gain unauthorized access to systems or in any other way violate applicable law.

In the same way, the customer may not participate in the spread of viruses, child pornography, sending unwanted e-mails such as spam, chain letters or the like, port scanning of other computers on the Internet, violating third party rights in downloading, distributing or the like, deleting or falsify transmission information, including IP addresses and header information, repeatedly violate unwritten rules of good practice on the Internet and material with extreme political views.

7. Rebly CLOSED
In the event that the customer violates the provisions of these terms, including special - but not only - pkt. 5 and 6, Rebly reserves the right, without compensation to the customer, to terminate the agreement between Rebly and the customer.
Rebly is entitled to re-invoice any costs, own as well as imposed due to customer abuse.

There will be no extra bill on traffic; but we reserve the right to terminate customers in the event of misuse or an improbably large amount of traffic at any time.

Rebly sets prices for the services and these are stated excl. VAT.

All Services, consulting hours and cut cards are invoiced in advance and are due for payment 10 days after the invoice date and are paid as stated on the invoice.

Rebly reserves the right to invoice if material for the website has not been sent from the customer within 14 days of entering into a cooperation agreement.

In the event of non-payment, interest will accrue 2% per. commenced month + reminder fee of DKK 100.00.
Lack of timely payment entails sending reminder letters etc. in accordance with applicable International law.

Rebly is entitled to regulate the prices without the customer having the opportunity to terminate the agreement. However, an increase in the agreed price within a month of 12 months by more than 20% will entitle the customer to terminate the agreement.

Rebly is not obliged to pay compensation in any circumstances if incorrect delivery, non-delivery or interruption, etc. due to circumstances beyond Rebly's control, including but not limited to lightning, flood, cable breakage, fire, war, strike, lockout, including strike and lockout at Rebly or its subcontractors.

The customer can only, with the consent of Rebly, transfer the agreement to a new customer, in which connection Rebly is entitled to demand unpaid debt paid, just as Rebly is otherwise entitled to make demands on the new customer.

Transfer of the agreement from Rebly to another company or business can take place without the customer's consent.

Rebly is entitled to make necessary changes to the services provided in order to ensure the satisfactory operation of the system and to meet any regulatory requirements. However, Rebly strives to inform customers of changes with reasonable notice unless it is deemed that change is of insignificant importance to the customer's use of the service.

Rebly may change these Terms and Conditions by preparing separate supplements with at least 1 month notice.

The changes are notified to the customer by sending the business conditions to the customer per. email or letter.

Changes in a favorable nature may be implemented without prior notice.

Agreements on the provision of services are subject to local laws.

These terms and conditions apply per. 01 Dec 2020.