• Kenneth Whitmore

Black Friday or black week?

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Many companies now celebrate Black Week, but is it worth it?

If we look back at the development since Black Friday made its presence outside the United States, many companies have broken new records every year when it comes to online turnover - and again last year's records were broken on Black Friday. In total, we saw a 20% increase in the number of sales in 2020 vs 2019 over the Black Friday week.

“But we're also starting to see more companies benefit from an entire Black Week. So in reality, revenue for a weekly period is much higher than it appears from the figures for Black Friday. We have researched this development and looked at what might work best: Holding Black Friday or Black Week?”

At Rebly, we have experienced that many of our customers have been in doubt as to whether it is best for them to start with the good offers already from Monday in the same week as Black Friday? Or should they wait until the actual Friday when the official Black Friday run by the staff?

Down to business...

We generally advise our customers to celebrate Black Week, as our experience shows us that many potential customers already start their research several days before Black Friday. And it is therefore a good opportunity to get some sales through, even before the competitors begin their offer. Choosing Black Week over Black Friday has the advantages that it can provide both a higher ROAS and lower click prices. Simply because the competition is lower than on Black Friday itself.

However, whether your business should hold Black Week or Black Friday should not be made on the basis of a general recommendation. Here you must look into your business, your target group and the market you operate in and make your own analysis.

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