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Rebly is a digital marketing strategy agency that specializes in developing and implementing industry-specific digital marketing solutions. We've been helping businesses achieve their full digital potential for more than a decade.


We attribute our successful campaigns to our specialized digital marketing experts. They have been consistent in producing growth driven digital marketing campaigns for a wide range of industries.


Below you will find a small selection of our most popular industries.

SEO & Content
marketing byggefirma og anlægsgartner


Get to the top of the stack

As a craftsman, it is essential to have a positive and professional image that is communicated to prospective customers in the local area. Because many customers in this segment rarely have much experience with the subject they are looking for, it is an absolute must to be at the top of the pile when choosing a supplier online. We have the tools needed and the talents to bring it to life.

marketing frisørsalon


Supplement your storefront

A few years ago, location was the most important thing for the local hairdresser or shoe shop, then the customers slowly came by themselves as the companies built a relationship with the local community. This model still works, but there are also many customers who start their search for these services online, where there is considerably more competition. We search to trim the search results so that customers get the best impression of your particular business.

marketing restaurant og cafe


Coverage all day

When running a cafe or restaurant in Denmark, the number of guests can vary greatly and there is also a lot of competition on the market. This is where good planning, targeted campaigns and a good image strategy really come into their own in 2022. But a strategic approach to marketing, combined with the right menu, prices and events, any good restaurateur can fill the house.

marketing advokat og revisor


It's about trust

When working with some of the most important supporting parts of another woman's or man's business, trust and credibility are some of the most important messages you can send. It is therefore important to be serious, but still stand out from the crowd when marketing to your target group. At Rebly, we have been working for a long time to build a framework that fits these companies perfectly.

marketing mekaniker


Convert more leads

Optimize your lead generation strategy and increase conversions with the help of our conversion specialists. Whether you focus on SEO, pay-per-click advertising, social media campaigns or other digital marketing strategies, Rebly can dramatically improve your ROI. Our methods usually include in-depth audits, landing page creation and optimization, and performance analysis.

marketing fitness center og trænings-studie


New members are just around the corner

Whether you're promoting a karate club, a dance school, or an online meditation course, it's important that your communication has as much positive energy and balance as the fantastic activity you specialize in. That's why we have experts on the team who specialize say one to give everything from websites to blog posts a fresh and colorful look that draws customers in your direction. We are also happy to set up a CRM system where customers can book into the teams you offer.

marketing behandlingstilbud


We will contact you with your message

Private hospitals, dentists, psychologists and, in particular, alternative treatment centers are fighting for customers online, just like everyone else. With the right profiling of the target group, you can ensure that you get the right inquiries from the customers who need exactly your good service. Some forms of processing have special rules around the way Google allows advertising, among other things, we have a handle on that without wasting money and without circumventing the law.

marketing konsulent


Get the deal in house

If you and your colleagues have a handle on something the rest of us are not experts in, then we are looking for your voice to be heard both online and/or on the phone if you need it. We familiarize ourselves with what you do and organize an effective model to further communicate your service in a proactive and structured way that leads to concrete agreements that match your work plan needs and capacity.

marketing airbnb og hotel


Stand out from the crowd

Like all other search engines, AirBnB, Tripadvisor, and all the other leisure platforms are set to select the best results first for its customers. There are many things you can do to stay at the top of the stack without spending a fortune on special exposures. We can help get your attraction or rental seen and booked. We also help define the target groups for the different seasons.

Find out more about what Rebly can offer your company. Let's have a free introductory meeting or order a personal report on the company's digital profile and potential.

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